Winners announced

Name | Category | City & State | Division | Title | High School Name

Kat Abelein Digital Art Joplin MO High School Aura  Joplin High School

Ellen Arnce Poetry Neosho MO Community Faith Is The Victory

Latonia Bailey B&W Photography Neosho MO Staff Abandoned Quill Staff Adviser

Latonia Bailey Color Photography Neosho MO Staff Colorado Serenity Quill Staff Adviser

Kaylee Banta Fiction Anderson MO High School Lost in The Voices  McDonald County High School

Alexis Barnett Poetry El Dorado Springs MO Crowder My Prairie

Maggie Beachner 2D Art Seneca MO Community Hay Bales

Tiffany Blevins 2D Art Anderson MO Community Sugary Sweet

Kayla Branstetter Color Photography Purdy MO Community A Little Fawn 

Kayla Branstetter Nonfiction Purdy MO Community Playing Wonder Woman 

Macy Brookhouser 3D Art Centerton  AR High School Nashia Life Way Christian School

Jazmin Carroll Nonfiction Golden MO Crowder Superhero Characteristics

Alexandra Carson B&W Photography Joplin MO High School Glassy Waters  Joplin High School

Aubree Chisam 2D Art Crane MO Staff Unwound Quill Staff

Carl Cobb Nonfiction Neosho MO Community My Most Favorite Aunt

Ava Coffel Nonfiction Jane MO High School The Time I Almost Went to Nationals With a Made-Up Speech  McDonald County High School

Madison Daniels Nonfiction Aurora MO High School The Tones of Autumn  Aurora High School

Amber Davidson 2D Art Joplin, MO Community Desert Morning

Amber Davidson Color Photography Joplin, MO Community Ciao

Atlas Imhof Fiction Galena KS High School Goodbye Owen Riverton High School

Nicholas Dean 3D Art Joplin MO Staff Volcom Stone Quill Staff

Nicholas Dean B&W Photography Joplin MO Staff Chillin Quill Staff

Nicholas Dean Digital Art Joplin MO Staff Thicker Than Water Quill Staff

Winnie Estime Poetry Joplin  MO Generous Love Joplin High School

Kaleb Fobair  B&W Photography Loma Linda  MO Staff Continental Divide

Noah Freiburger Nonfiction Verona MO A Never Leaving Mark Verona High School

Alonha Frisby Nonfiction Goodman MO High School The Thing About Stage Fright McDonald County High School

Alyx Goebel 2D Art Carl Junction MO Staff Juxtaposition Quill Staff

Edgar Gomez Color Photography Carthage MO Crowder Red Illumination

Kelly Graham 3D Art Joplin MO High School The Unknown Path Joplin High School

Alyssa Graves 2D Art Carl Junction MO High School Terra Ante Meridiem Carl Junction High School

Abigail Harrold 2D Art Diamond MO Community A Year of Travels

Sally Hart Digital Art Lamar MO Community Rhythmic Sunset

Sally Hart B&W Photography Lamar MO Community Face’n the Storm

Bethany Hilderbrand Poetry Columbus KS High School The Faerie Forest Riverton High School

Suzanne Hoke 2D Art Carl Junction MO High School Mythical strength  Carl Junction High School

Ethan Hoover Fiction Aurora MO Crowder Hands Bound

Morgan Hughes 2D Art Joplin MO High School Driving Home Carl Junction High School

Bowen Hurley Digital Art Southwest City MO High School Listen McDonald County High School

Khali Johnson 2D Art Granby MO Crowder Smile

Claudia Johnston Fiction Neosho MO Staff July 2nd Quill Staff

Tyler Kelley Poetry Granby MO Crowder The Stirling Dove

Michael Kiele 3D Art Neosho MO Crowder Sun Rising 0n the Alabama Hills, Bishop, California

Alexia Killy 3D Art Carl Junction MO High School Flow of Life  Carl Junction High School

Emi Kuschel Fiction Ozark MO Community Pernicocia

Cheyenne Lasiter Poetry Carthage  MO Community Love in December 

Alyson Massardo Digital Art Monett MO Community Blurry Memories

Nancy Mahurin Nonfiction Joplin MO Crowder Something Smells Fishy

Nancy Mahurin Fiction Joplin MO Crowder A Gift from Her Brokenness

Vanessa Maize Fiction Miller MO Community The Flies of the Livingston Estate

Cindy Marmon B&W Photography Monett MO Staff Little Chief Quill Staff

Cindy Marmon Poetry Monett MO Staff Through the Hustle Quill Staff

Brecklyn Matthews Nonfiction Joplin MO Community Rewriting Adoption- Lost to Found: Unashamed

Belen Mejia 2D Art Neosho MO Crowder Beauty Through the Eyes of Nature

Zach Merwin B&W Photography Carl Junction MO High School True Happiness  Carl Junction High School

Taylor Moller Gray Digital Art Monett MO Community Beautiful and Alone

Samuel Morales B&W Photography Benton AR Crowder Heartbreak

Samuel Morales Color Photography Benton AR Crowder In Between the Lines

Paige Mosley 2D Art Carthage MO Crowder The Lookout

Payton Nalley 2D Art Anderson MO High School Chaos of Laughter  McDonald County High School

Lacey Nix B&W Photography Noel MO High School The Look McDonald County High School

Lacey Nix 2D Art Noel MO High School Time to Roll McDonald County High School

Lacey Nix Poetry Noel MO High School One Week McDonald County High School

Shalynn Owen 3D Art Goodman MO High School Candy Dish McDonald County High School

Donya Pendergraft Color Photography Jenkins MO Community Peaceful Pier

Kaylnn  Phillips B&W Photography Noel MO Crowder A Mother Chef’s Lesson

Adrienne Quiros 2D Art Cassville MO Crowder Vivid Styles

Suzanne Ratcliff 2D Art Neosho MO Community The Reader 

Zander Reynolds Poetry Lockwood MO High School Inhuman Lockwood High School

Zander Reynolds Fiction Lockwood MO High School The Midnight World Lockwood High School

Joanne Russell B&W Photography Joplin MO Crowder Port Whole

Joanne Russell Color Photography Joplin MO Crowder Boats at Sea

Gisela Salas B&W Photography Verona  MO Staff Hometown Quill Staff

Amy Sampson Color Photography Monett MO Community Beautiful Day

Dalton Schlichting Nonfiction Lamar MO Crowder Fears and Fortunes

Kayden Sees  Color Photography Carl Junction MO High School Jellies Carl Junction High School

Stephen Seim Fiction Bentonville AR High School Marius’ Redemption: A Les Miserables Story Homeschool

Jessica Sellers 3D Art Carl Junction MO Community Canyon Lands

Eric Shelton Poetry Neosho MO Crowder Locked Away

Elizabeth Shook Poetry Republic MO High School The Fight Verona High School

Billie Holladay Skelley Fiction Joplin MO Community Edinburgh Manor

Billie Holladay Skelley Nonfiction Joplin MO Community Cheating the Grim Reaper

Ashlyn  Snyder  Color Photography Granby  MO High School Night Lights East Newton High School

Patti Steel B&W Photography Fayetteville AR Community Music in Quarantine 

Lee Summers Digital Art Carl Junction MO High School I’m Not You Carl Junction High School

Harrison Talbott Color Photography Lamar MO Crowder Big Piney

Kaia Tennis 3D Art Gravette AR Crowder Seeing into the Stars

Tabitha Tolson Poetry Neosho MO Crowder What Have I Done?

Alyssa Tosh B&W Photography Verona MO Crowder Glass Half Full

Jimmy D. Walker Poetry Seneca MO Community The Comfort of a Foggy Night

Breanna Walker Poetry Neosho MO Staff A Love That Never Ceases Quill Staff

Trinity Webb Color Photography Joplin MO High School Mr. Jelly Joplin High School

Alexandra West Color Photography Carl Junction MO High School The Glass Bottle Carl Junction High School

Sierra Wilson B&W Photography Anderson MO Community Lightbulb

Maelyn Wooten 2D Art Carl Junction MO High School Unexpected Beauty Carl Junction High School

Atley Wright B&W Photography Carl Junction MO High School Memento Mori Carl Junction High School

Paul Wright Poetry Carthage MO Community My Heart Is With You

Lani Yang 3D Art Rocky Comfort MO High School Mountain Blossom McDonald County High School

Lani Yang Digital Art Rocky Comfort MO High School Mercy McDonald County High School

Lani Yang 2D Art Rocky Comfort MO High School Cyber Skulls McDonald County High School

Whitney Yelverton 3D Art Anderson MO Crowder Nature’s Tea

David Zacharias B&W Photography Pittsburg KS Community Chris’ Portrait

David Zacharias Color Photography Pittsburg KS Community Antelope Canyon

David Zacharias Digital Art Pittsburg KS Community Desert Storm

The Crowder Quill, a literary and art magazine of Crowder College, will be published and mailed to winning entrants by the end of May. The magazine will be available at Crowder College campuses and in the community.

See details about the Crowder Quill 2023 publication and contest here.


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