What is the Crowder Quill?

The Crowder Quill is a literary-art magazine published annually by the DIGM 105 Applied Graphic Design and Media Campaigns class as part of the Digital Media Marketing program at Crowder College on the campus of Neosho, Missouri. It is our goal to encourage and showcase the creative abilities of local writers, artists, and photographers as well as provide a cultural link between Crowder College and our surrounding community. Winners are published in the Crowder Quill magazine.

Poster wheelAbout the Contest

The publication is funded through Crowder College as an educational tool and service to the community. Both the contest and publication are free. The Crowder Quill is published each spring semester. The contest divisions are for Crowder College students, high school students, and adult community members all within 100 miles of any of our Crowder campus locations spanning from Nevada, Mo. in the north to Jane, Mo. in the southwest corner of the state and to Cassville, Mo. in the southeastern part of our service district. The contest categories are in writing, art, and photography. See here for more details. Each semester, the contest receives around 1,000 entries and awards around 125 recipients. Only the winners are published in the magazine.

Contact Information

Please contact the Crowder Quill if you have questions:
Mailing Address: 601 Laclede Ave., Neosho, Mo. 64850
Phone Number: 417-455-5410
E-mail Address: Quill@crowder.edu or LatoniaBailey@crowder.edu

About the Judges

The primary task of the Crowder Quill staff is to produce the magazine as a result of the contest entries, not produce the contents. Staff members publicize the contest, select winning entries, and design the magazine. A variety of majors are represented on the staff.

Awards from the American Scholastic Press Associationcropped-cropped-quill-logo-rev-without-border-small1.jpg

2013-present, Best Community Community College Literary Art Magazine
2010-present, First Place with Special Merit
2009, First Place
1992, First Place
1989-1992, First Place with Special Merit
1988, First Place with Special Merit, Outstanding Service to the Community
1987, Second Place

Award from the College Media Association

2017, First Place Pinnacle Award for Literary Magazine

To Enter the Contest

Quill Brochure to print


Also, see the “How to enter” section, “Contest Guidelines” and the how-to video.

Note: All entries should be sent as digital files and uploaded online. Art may also be scanned or photographed to be uploaded online as well. Exceptions can be made for 2D and 3D art.


The PDFs of previous editions of the Crowder Quill will be posted online. Check back later for updates.

Quill 2012, Cover

Quill 2013, Cover

Quill 2014, Cover

Quill 2015 with cover

Quill 2016 with cover

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