Author donates book proceeds

The 2016 Crowder Quill is dedicated to Dr. Kent Farnsworth

James B. Tatum, 2014 Recipient

James B. Tatum, 2014 Recipient

Each year, members of the Crowder Quill staff choose a recipient for dedication of the annual publication. The honor is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to the publication in some way.

In 2014, which was the first year a dedication was included, it was for the “Father of Crowder College,” James B. Tatum. He helped set the groundwork for the founding of the college in 1963 and then served on the Board of Trustees for more than 50 years, distinguishing himself as the longest-serving board president of a community college anywhere.

John Finley, 2015 Recipient

Jon Finley, 2015 Recipient

In 2015, retiring print shop director Jon Finley received the recognition. He was hired in fall 1987, and until last year, he printed around 50 editions of the publication, including the years in which a magazine was produced each semester instead of annually. Finley’s attention to quality and the advancement of printing technology was recognized.

Dr. Kent Farnsworth, 2016 Recipient

Dr. Kent Farnsworth, 2016 Recipient

This year, we would like to bestow the honor upon Dr. Kent Farnsworth, former president of Crowder College from 1985 to 2004 and interim president during the 2013/14 academic year. As president, Dr. Farnsworth was a great support of all college activities and regularly attended the Crowder Quill awards ceremonies. Now a successful published author, Farnsworth serves as a model for aspiring authors, artists, and photographers. He has pursued his creative passion and perfected his craft.

Farnsworth says he writes every day for three to four hours, “whether he feels like it or not.” In that habit, he says, writers “polish their skill.” Farnsworth got his start submitting entries in college and military contest publications similar to the Quill. Throughout the years, he submitted articles to publications including Saturday Evening Post and was published in such magazines as Seventeen. As an educator, he wrote academic nonfiction, including three books on educational leadership and reform published through Mcmillan Publishers.

There are now seven books available in which the author's proceeds will benefit Crowder's Behavioral Center.

There are now seven books available in which the author’s proceeds will benefit Crowder’s Behavioral Center.

Since retiring, Farnsworth has established himself as a successful fiction author under the pen name Allen Kent, having completed seven international thriller and historical fiction novels since 2004. Currently, all proceeds of these seven books are being donated to Crowder’s Behavioral Support Center. For more information, contact the Crowder College Foundation regarding the “Buy a Book, Build a Future” campaign.

“Dr. Kent Farnsworth is one of the great friends of Crowder College,” said Dr. Jennifer Methvin, current Crowder President.

Farnsworth with Kids

Dr. Kent Farnsworth, past president of Crowder College and successful author, spends time at the Behavioral Support Center with Children like those who would benefit from the “Buy a Book, Build a Future” campaign in which until June 30 all proceeds of his current books will go toward expanding the program.

To purchase any of Farnsworth’s books, follow this link. The novels written under the pen name Allen Kent include The Wager, The Shield of Darius, Guardian of the Second Son, The Weavers of Meanchy, River of Light and Shadow, Backwater, and Wild Whistling Blackbirds.

To visit the Crowder College Foundation page for the “Buy a Book, Build a Future” campaign, follow this link.

To watch a video and learn more about Crowder’s Behavioral Center, see this link.

For a video in which Dr. Farnsworth discusses the Behavioral Center and the “Buy a Book, Build a Future” campaign, follow this link.

For a video in Dr. Farnsworth gives insights about his writing process as well as tips for aspiring authors, see this link.

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