2022 contest canceled

Due to low enrollment in the college course that produces the Crowder Quill magazine and coordinates the contest, the 2022 contest has been canceled.

“We are disappointed that the 42-year tradition will not be published this year,” said Latonia Bailey, Quill adviser. “It’s a loss for the contest participants as well as the students who would critique the entries and create the magazine in class.”

The course, COMM 111 Magazine Production, provides instruction and practice in publicity through social media and other methods, critiquing of art, photography, and literature, layout and design principles, and special event planning for the awards ceremony.

The contest will remain open, and any entries already submitted will be held until the 2023 contest, which will end Feb. 1, 2023.

For more information about the contest, see http://www.CrowderQuill.com or email Quill@Crowder.edu. For entry instructions, see http://www.crowderquill.com/to-enter-contest/.

The Quill has been published since 1980 and is distributed free on campus and in the community.  The purpose of the Crowder Quill  is to showcase and encourage artistic and literary works.  

The contest is open to high school and Crowder College students as well as community members within a 100-mile radius of any Crowder College location. Contest categories are fiction, nonfiction, poetry, 2D art, 3D art, digital art, black and white photography, and color photography.


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