Winners announced


2D Art
“Abstract Painting” by Cesar Piedrasanta
“Anger” by Tyler Porras
“Apples and Sunshine” by Theresa Walthal
“Dwyane Wade 3” by Zachary Robinson
“Giraffe” by Vanessa Shaw
“Innocence” by Taylor Tyson
“Mind Melt” by Josslyn Thompson
“Mindless” by Sydney Hartless
“Morning Reading” by Charlotte Boettler
“Playful Fox” by Suzanne Ratcliff
“Songbird Sunset” by Jaqueline Orosco
“The Golden Heart City” by Alexandra Bowman
“Tiger” by Joseph Overturf
“Who Is He?” by Nellie Mitchell


3D Art

“Aztec Inspiration” by Aaliyah Rubio

“Abstract Cat” by Laurel Pevahouse
“Artist’s Hand” by Master Lucas Hall
“King’s Mouth” by Nellie Mitchell
“Leaf Bowl” by Theresa Walthall
“Mortality” by Tyler Dallis
“People Are the Real Monsters” by Allie Danner
“Rock and Roll” by Carly Abts
“The Butterfly Effect” by Rhiannon Kennedy
“Toad” by Erin Poor


B&W Photography
“A Room with a View” by Ashton Shehan
“B&W Mountains Colorado” by Cali Townsend
“Baseball Pitcher” by Nicole Ambrose
“Cherokee Scout” by Diamond Bogle
“Face of Happiness” by Elizabeth Riggins
“Ghana, Africa” by Latonia Bailey
“Hallway” by Lilly Monroe
“Park Stroll” by Maxwell Heckman
“Seawall” by Anah Dover
“Sorrow in Stone” by Leandra Toomoth
“Synchronized Starlings” by Jennifer Conner
“The Mill” by Jennifer Snyder

Color Photography

“A Reflective Dream” by Jacob Hall
“Cool Sunrise” by Mike Snyder
“Country Roads” by Bretton Cole
“En el Parque” by Cheyenne Lasiter
“Fall Angels” by Ashley Blake
“Friday Night Lights” by Haleigh Pittman
“Hay day” by Joby Young
“Married to Words” by Abbigail Beaver
“Once in a Lifetime” by Jennifer Martinez
“Peekaboo Cows” by Sheila Dossey
“Raptor Reflection” by Jennifer Conner
“Serene Stream” by Latonia Bailey
“Summer Days” by Maegen Lightner
“Sunflower and Storms” by Makayla Barnhill
“The Fog Rises” by Alyson Massardo
“The Hue and Perfume of the Sun” by Hannah Tilley
“Thoughtful Reflection” by Breanna Chamness


Digital Art

“A Look Back” by Derrick Griffith

“Camera 4” by Jaclyn Kidd
“Full House” by Maxwell Heckman
“Ghosts Cry Out” by Braden Bare
“Hand Washing Poster” by Cheyenne McCormick
“Light Year” by Adrian Bittner
“Little Kitten” by Atley Wright
“Oil Suspension” by Jammie Graves
“Shadow” by Alyssa Logan
“Surrounded by Light” by Alyson Massardo
“The Bridge” by Mike Snyder
“Winter Rose” by Jennifer Snyder



“A Ruse for Romance” by Billie Holladay Skelley
“Alley Springs, Population 1313” by Lindsey Hobson
“Entry #4” by Cindrea Phelps
“Final Flight” by Jennifer Conner
“Fire and Diamonds” by Kiara Manion
“Home” by Madelyn Bailey
“June 23, 1972” by Grace Wormington
“Last Kin of Sawney Bean” by Jaime Bratton
“My World Is Unlike Yours” by Ryan Dean
“Raven Summer” by Vicki Turner
“The Endless Dream” by Kherz’den Humphrey
“The UFO” by Jon Brain
“Way Out West” by Carter Fransisco



“Abel” by Jackson Clarkson
“Changes of the Wind” by Kayla Branstetter
“Filling a Blank Slate” by Glory Reitz

“I Think I Can” by Sandy Jordan

“Lost Promises” by Jaci Moore
“Nature’s Midnight Production” by Samantha Patton
“Remember the Flames” by Billie Holladay Skelley
“Running Free” by Garrett Spears
“Still Here” by Gracie Brown
“The Couch” by Jamie Abbiatti
“The Soul of Wild Places” by Jennifer Conner
“Young People” by Sasha Ball Rives



“Broken” by Abigail Russell
“Change Is Needed” by Pachia Yang
“Door to Heaven” by Henri Whitehead
“Eyes of Velvet” by Jacqueline Orosco
“Glass” by Savannah Dillard
“Just a Stop Along the Way” by Lynette VanWinkle
“La Mariposita” by Jennifer Martinez
“Monster” by Madelyn Bailey
“Oh, How I’ve Lived” by Diamond Bogle
“Shush” by Brittaney Mann
“The English Horseman” by Sara Lutman
“The Mad Hatter” by Dorice Baty
“The Mirror” by Lindsey Hobson
“What Is the Meaning of Love?” by Nayelis Colon

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