Thank you to all who helped make this year’s Crowder Quill literarery-art magazine, contest, ceremony, and open mic poetry reading event a success!

  • Administration and Board of Trustees
  • Cindy Brown, Public Information Office | Publicity
  • Kayla Montelone | Graphic Design
  • Great Western Dining | Catering
  • Gary Dudash & Marsha Welch | Printing
  • Steven Wolven | Lights and Sound
  • TJ Angel, Melinda Rantz, and Michael Moon  | Maintenance
  • Sam Hoover & Lori Crosswhite, Front Desk | Entry Acceptance
  • Eric Deatherage, Lee Library | Entry Acceptance
  • Nina Beaver & Meghann Winchester, Communication Department | Assistance
  • Caitlin Barker, Fine Arts Assistant | Museum
  • Casey Smith, Josh Smith, and Josh Knott, Art Department
  • Stephanie Potter, Photography Instructor, and students

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