Winners’ list released

First Name Last Name Category City/Town StateCode Title Award Division
Aaron Allison Poetry Powell MO Finger Lickin’ Chicken Silver High School
Megan Arthur Color Photography Webb City MO God’s Artwork Bronze Crowder
Cathleen Bailey B&W Photography Neosho MO Eye of Blue Gold Community
Cathleen Bailey 3D Art Neosho MO Yer Ol’ Milk Jug Bronze Community
Cathleen Bailey 2D Art Neosho MO One Small Step Silver Community
Saige Bennett Color Photography Anderson MO Smiles Honorable Mention High School
Tiffany Blevins 2D Art Anderson MO Foxes with Blue Feather Honorable Mention Community
Kelli Brennand B&W Photography Stella MO Little Dog Honorable Mention High School
Savannah Burch Nonfiction Purdy MO Thanatophobia Silver High School
Rebekah Burchfield McCleary Digital Art Joplin MO Elbow Brain Gold Community
Mary Calhoun Poetry Joplin MO Light Will Live On Silver Community
Mallory Carpenter Poetry Goodman MO I Became Yellow Honorable Mention High School
Barry Charter Color Photography Neosho MO Great Expectations-1426 Honorable Mention Community
Jacqueline Cole Nonfiction Granby MO Margaret Gold Community
Jacqueline Cole Fiction Granby MO The Beach House Bronze Community
Jacqueline Cole Digital Art Granby MO Hidden Vision Silver Community
Jacqueline Cole B&W Photography Granby MO Result of the Storm Honorable Mention Community
Mikinnley Colville B&W Photography Anderson MO Reflections Silver High School
Jaxon Courtney B&W Photography Monett MO The Night Sky of Paris Gold Crowder
Faith Curtis B&W Photography Anderson MO Snow Day Gold High School
Tyler Dallis 3D Art Exeter MO The Girl Who Called Rape Honorable Mention Community
Tyler Dallis 2D Art Exeter MO Judging a Book Bronze Community
Nichole Danner 2D Art Goodman MO Yin Yang Shattered Image Honorable Mention High School
Mandie Dawson Digital Art Mount Vernon MO Nourishment Bronze Community
Mandie Dawson Color Photography Mount Vernon MO Wishful Dandelion Honorable Mention Community
Meredith DeNisco Digital Art Joplin MO Wisdom Silver Crowder
Benjamin DeVore Poetry Cassville MO My Morning Rose Bronze Crowder
Benjamin DeVore Color Photography Cassville MO Dawn of Descent. Silver Crowder
Anah Dover Color Photography Purdy MO Through the Looking Glass Bronze High School
Anah Dover B&W Photography Purdy MO Crescent Moon Bronze High School
Christopher Doyle Poetry Neosho MO Bakudan Ome Maska Gold Crowder
Tiffany Durbin 3D Art Joplin MO Fragile Reef Silver Community
Riane Eads Poetry Anderson MO This Heart Was Once Free Honorable Mention High School
Regan Eads Digital Art Anderson MO Lone Wolf Gold High School
Dalton Eppesson 3D Art Goodman MO Washington’s Men Bronze Crowder
Samantha Gundel Poetry Seligman MO Eighteen and Counting Honorable Mention High School
Samantha Gundel 2D Art Seligman MO Creekside Pasture Gold High School
Octavianna Hackett Poetry Anderson MO Aspirations of a Teacher Silver Crowder
Octavianna Hackett Nonfiction Anderson MO Driving in the Dark Silver Crowder
Megan Hibbard 2D Art Monett MO Contemplation Honorable Mention High School
Camrie Houck Fiction Neosho MO The End? Gold High School
Skylar Howe 2D Art Neosho MO Chocolate factory Gold Crowder
Haleigh Hull 2D Art Bentonville AR Mountains Honorable Mention High School
Jaclyn Kidd Digital Art Neosho MO Untitled 2017 Honorable Mention Community
Jaclyn Kidd B&W Photography Neosho MO Eyelet Light Silver Community
Tyler Langford Color Photography Joplin MO Runaway Gold Crowder
Josh Leyva Color Photography Seneca MO Horseshoe Bend Honorable Mention Crowder
Luis Linares 2D Art Springdale AR Distant Sunset Honorable Mention Crowder
Alyssa Logan Digital Art Webb City MO Photographer Tae Gold Crowder
Cade Lyerla 2D Art Joplin MO Nap Time Honorable Mention High School
Shawn Maxwell Nonfiction Monett MO Loafers and Lifesavers Honorable Mention Crowder
Kim McCully-Mobley Nonfiction Aurora MO Dear High School & College Graduates Bronze Community
John Mills 2D Art Neosho MO Eight Point Pride Gold Community
Maxwell Mitchell Digital Art Joplin MO Machine Silver High School
Luis Monares 3D Art Rogers AR Broken Rainbow Silver Crowder
Lily Monroe Fiction Stark City MO Seeds of Truth Bronze High School
Kaitlyn Moore Nonfiction Monett MO The Night Fire Took My Home Gold Crowder
Stormi Norton Poetry Carl Junction MO Papercuts Bronze High School
Stormi Norton Color Photography Carl Junction MO Feeling Crabby Silver High School
Ruby Palomo Poetry Lanagan MO Colors Honorable Mention High School
Rainier Pena B&W Photography Joplin MO Snail Silver Crowder
Daniel Percy 3D Art Carthage MO Welded Shark Jaws Gold Crowder
Jose Perze 2D Art Purdy MO Wonder Woman Bronze High School
Jesseca Raney Digital Art Noel MO Autumn Honorable Mention High School
Bonnie Ray Poetry Neosho MO The Monster Inside Gold High School
B.L. Reeves 2D Art Anderson MO Lost by the Shore Honorable Mention Community
Glory Reitz Fiction Neosho MO The Sky King Silver High School
Sarah Reynolds Digital Art Pineville MO Mariposa Honorable Mention High School
Corina Rodriguez Poetry Monett MO LIBERTY Honorable Mention Crowder
Amy Sampson Color Photography Monett MO A New Skyline Bronze Community
Bayleigh Schad Nonfiction Purdy MO Boy Gold High School
Hanna Schmit Color Photography Noel MO Going Nuts Silver Community
Hanna Schmit B&W Photography Noel MO Lost Battle Bronze Community
Jessica Sellers Color Photography Carl Junction MO Ebb and Flow Gold Community
Billie Holladay Skelley Fiction Joplin MO A Rare Find Gold Community
Layne Skiles Nonfiction Monett MO Small Town State of Mind Honorable Mention High School
Anna Snuffer 3D Art Verona MO The Iron Throne Honorable Mention High School
Natalie Staib 2D Art Pineville MO Parallel Lines Honorable Mention High School
Margarite Stever Nonfiction Webb City MO A Creek, My Dad, and Me Silver Community
Makayla Stone 2D Art Goodman MO Vintage Quilt Collage Silver High School
Sydney Thompson Nonfiction Mt. Vernon   My Inner Peace Bronze Crowder
Abigail Tolentino 3D Art Goodman MO Crochet Jewelry Gold High School
Leandra Toomoth Poetry Anderson MO Patio Furniture Gold Community
Leandra Toomoth Nonfiction Anderson MO Type-A(nxiety) Honorable Mention Community
Leandra Toomoth Fiction Anderson MO Teacher’s Lounge Honorable Mention Community
Brandi Unruh Poetry Neosho MO On the Solar Eclipse Bronze Community
Juliana Varghese Digital Art Bentonville AR Moon Bronze High School
Jacob Walker Fiction Neosho MO Nova Honorable Mention Crowder
Theresa Walthall 3D Art Goodman MO Leaf Pottery Gold Community
Henri Whitehead Fiction Anderson MO The Binding Silver Community
Seth Williams Fiction Lockwood MO The Final Days of Aaron Carter Honorable Mention High School
Sierra Wilson Poetry Anderson MO I’m Done Honorable Mention High School
Grace Wormington Color Photography Monett MO When I Look at You Gold High School
Joby Young Nonfiction Monett MO Gravel Roads Bronze High School

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