Crowder Quill opens contest

The Crowder Quill art and literary magazine is now accepting submissions for its annual contest. Crowder students as well as area high school students and adult community members compete for awards and publication in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, digital, 2D and 3D art.

Last year, the Quill unveiled its new online submission process as well as new art categories and scholarships.

“The new Quill website streamlined the process for entrants and staff,” said Latonia Bailey, Quill advisor. “We’ve tweaked the system to make it even better this year.”

The two newest categories — 2D traditional media and 3D art — will still be accepted by mail or hand delivery. All other entries should be sent as digital files and uploaded online at

The 2D category combines both black & white and color entries and includes paintings, drawings and hand-made prints. The 3D category includes pottery, ceramic, sculpture and assemblages.

Photography categories include color, black and white, and also digital art, which is digitally enhanced photographs as well as computer-generated art.

“The purpose of the Crowder Quill is to showcase and encourage artistic and literary works,” Bailey said.

Individuals may submit up to four entries in each category.

The deadline is Feb. 1 every year for post-marked entries. All other entries will be due Feb. 4 and should be uploaded to

Email or call 417-455-5410 to make arrangements for hand-delivered art entries or if internet access is an issue.

Winning entrants will be notified by April. They will receive an award (gold, silver, bronze medal or honorable mention certificate) and will be published in the magazine. High school gold winners will also be offered scholarships subject to enrolling in specific, related courses.  The awards ceremony and open mic poetry reading will be May 8 in the Farber Building.

The Quill has been published since 1980 and is distributed free on campus and in the community.

Specific guidelines for each category and more information can be obtained from the website.

The magazine is the effort of students in the Magazine Production course, Comm 111. Students publicize the contest, judge the entries and prepare and host the awards ceremony. Students from a variety of major gain valuable skills in graphics, organization, and teamwork, Bailey said.

“Being published in the Quill was exciting,” said James Walls, former Quill staff member and contest entrant. “To have my work chosen and printed in the magazine was an honor, and I’m grateful to be showcased with all the other talent that was chosen.”

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