Publicity committee available for high school presentations

The Crowder Quill publicity committee would like to visit area high schools. A Powerpoint presentation is available for schools further away.

Our purpose is to inform about the free literary/art contest and magazine, the Crowder Quill.

There are several new aspects: new and revised art categories of 2D and 3D media, scholarships available for gold winners, and a new online submission process.

The categories are now fiction, nonfiction, poetry, 2-D traditional media, 3-D art, black & white photography, color photography and digital art (computer-generated or altered images). 3D art includes pottery, sculpture, assembles, and reliefs.

The contest is open to high school students, college and community. Winning entries are published in May, and scholarships will be available for the gold winners of each category, redeemable upon enrolling in a specified, relevant course.

Our visit can be a small group assembly of those interested or 5-minute, in-class visits to English, media, publications, yearbook, journalism, art, literature, graphics technology, and/or creative writing classes.  A Powerpoint presentation is attached.

Also attached is the revised brochure.

More information is available at

During the presentation, information will also be available about the journalism/public relations and photography degrees at Crowder College.

We are available on the following dates:

Tuesday, Nov. 13

Thursday, Nov. 15

Tuesday, Nov. 20

Tuesday, Nov. 27

Thursday, Nov. 29

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Thursday, Dec. 6

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